About time we had a new cover … or two!

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It has been a long time coming – there’s a hell of a lot to do in setting up a new publishing company from scratch without prior planning – but we’re 95% there now and are working towards having American-V 91 on newsagents shelves in the 6th September 2018, with subscribers’ copies being posted out a week earlier.

The covers will look something like these – there is something very special to add to both of them but we haven’t yet got those images and don’t quite know how we’re going to add them – but I wanted to give you something tangible to look at while we beat the rest of the magazine into shape.

American-V 91 will be the first and last bi-annual edition of American-V – cover dated May to September 2018 – and to catch up with all of the goings on from this blistering summer, it will be followed in just one month by issue 92 on the 4th October, before we return to a bi-monthly publication schedule with 93 on the 6th December.

All subs will be honoured – subscribers bought six or twelve magazines, not one or two years’ worth – and we can only apologise for not having been in touch with you. We have been chasing a full and accurate subscriptions database from the former publisher for five months, and even though we have now got that, there are ridiculously few phone or email addresses on the records.

The previous publisher ran out of subs t-shirts some time before we took control back – we’ve no idea when and don’t have a definitive list of who didn’t get them, because we are still waiting for that – and if nobody has any objections, I want to start this new era with a new subs t-shirt design. If there is a demand we will make the previous subs t-shirts – with a Harley (Twin Cam Breakout), Victory (Hammer-S) and Indian (Chief) – available, but these were only ever going to be printed in limited runs and three reprints later, I think it’s time for a change.

We have been humbled by the level of support that has been shown to the magazine – from among the readership and the trade – and we look forward to rewarding your faith in us by continuing  to produce the best magazine that we can, and exploring all opportunities to make it better.

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  1. Great news Andy and the rest of your team. Looking forward to receiving the new edition. Please can you make sure that my subscription is up to date as I don’t want to miss a copy. My postcode is YO43 4AE , house number 42.
    Let me know if you need anything else.
    Best regards, Steven

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      Hi Steven, haven’t approved the comment because that compromises your privacy, but pleased to say that your sub is good to AmV 94 so we won’t be chasing you until the new year 🙂 and your address is right. Best, Andy

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